Neil Stiles - Principal

Rivendell Associates Limited

15 Greyfriars Crescent
Wellington 5028
New Zealand


Phone: 04 232 7504
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Neil Stiles is the Principal of Rivendell Associates Limited, a management consultancy company that he formed after his retirement from the Deloitte New Zealand partnership in September 2001, after 28 years with the International firm in England, Malawi, Zimbabwe and New Zealand.


Neil now offers and provides distinctive services, grounded on deep mastery of being a trusted advisor, facilitator, mentor and coach, to organisations and individuals. Over many years he has grown and developed expertise that is a unique blend of a broad range of skills and experience.


He has a special ability to work with public benefit entities recognising that the simple measures of commercial success of profitability & sale value of business are replaced by more complex measures focussed on Government funding, varied interests of stakeholders and cost effectiveness, whilst maintaining a business-like approach.


Neil acts as a facilitator for a range of senior management groups. He offers strategic business and financial advice to several organisations. He is increasingly in demand as a mentor and coach of individuals at all organisational levels. He focuses on public benefit entities and has deep knowledge of, and experience in the health sector in a wide variety of roles. He continues to act as a learning facilitator for Deloitte professional development courses in the Asia region.


Neil's orientation and focus in all of his work is on supporting and encouraging individuals, teams and organisations to clarify and achieve their core purpose in their work environment.



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